About us

Our Company i-Tech (Intelligent Technology Ltd.) service is focused on assisting clients to correctly make technology decisions relating to their business needs. Our aim is to reduce the uncertainty experienced by many companies on their current technology strategy and direction.We achieve this by delivering valuable insights into chosen technologies and leveraging our knowledge of the relevant possibilities available today.

We deal with a broad client portfolio of Clients, sized from two-user localised SMEs, through Government Departments and Projects, to Multi-National/Multi-Continental Organisations with over four hundred users.

Even though we deal with a broad spectrum of sectors; i-Tech (Intelligent Technology Ltd.) manages always to get to know your Business Requirements intimately; allowing us to deliver tailored ICT Solutions that always make that customer feel like they are being dealt with on a one-to-one, dedicated, basis.

Our seven key qualities are:

  • Vast ICT Technical expertise and Strong Communication Skills.
  • An awareness of your Budget and Resources.
  • An advocate who cuts through product hype.
  • A long-term planner, implementer and strategist.
  • An industry watcher who maps technology advances and developments to your needs.
  • A keen ability to troubleshoot and solve problems.
  • An interest in handling all of your technology needs.

All our Internal Practices and Systems, as well as all services we provide for our client base, are compliant with ISO/IEC 27001 Information and Data Security Requirements.

We increase confidence at the boardroom level of our clients by implementing audits, roadmaps and strategies that clearly demonstrate the importance they place on the business’s total reliance on technology.We focus on the Management of Risk (MoR) and the Management of Value (MoV). We can assist around the areas of appropriate cloud possibilities, technology platforms and regulatory requirements.

i-Tech (Intelligent Technology Ltd.) is international in its outlook and can assist corporate clients wishing to establish operations in Ireland, or who are looking to expand internationally using technology as an enabler.