• ICT Managed Services

    ICT Managed Services

    Catastrophic, business downtime failures do not happen “in a vacuum”. Almost always, there are warning signs for weeks and months beforehand. However, if nobody is listening for those warning signs and they, consequently, go unaddressed – the resulting consequences are generally bad. This would be akin to an unmonitored burglar alarm ringing bells and flashing […]

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  • Secure Online Backup

    Secure Online Backup

    DataTrust Secure Online Backup Service will protect your vital business information from loss using our state-of-the-art Secure Data facility located in Blanchardstown and City West, Dublin Ireland. All our Data Centers are fully ISO certified with Redundant Power and Communications Infrastructure. Which means your data is totally protected.

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  • Digital Security

    Digital Security

    We are entrepreneurs and we know that your time and resources are valuable. Our team is committed to your success and we know its not possible without digital security. Regarding digital security we are focused on what’s most important. Our services are designed to help you manage and protect your business from every aspect with […]

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  • Cloud Solutions

    Cloud Solutions

    If you are using a service which is not installed on your computer; it means you are in cloud computing. The concept is very easy and beneficial. It’s a combination of software and services which are delivered according to requirement and demand. Cloud solutions increase productivity and collaboration due to its ease of management and […]

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  • ICT Budget Management

    ICT Budget Management

    More and more, ICT services consumers need to be able to predict accurately what their ICT infrastructure is going to cost them on a monthly/annual basis. We, at iTech, can work with you to prepare a managed ICT budget where you can spread the cost of equipment refresh, software package version refresh etc evenly over […]

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  • Apple Mac Support

    Apple Mac Support

    i-Tech Apple Mac Technician and Apple Mac Engineers are highly talented and dedicated. We set up servers, local area networks, integrate cloud services, and configure file and printer sharing. We can also help establish good workflow practices to help ensure efficiency. Our major services include the following: Backup Data Recovery Tune-up System Upgrade Networking Consulting […]

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  • Secure Data Archiving

    Secure Data Archiving

    Secure Data archiving is the process of moving data that is no longer actively used to a separate data storage device for long-term retention. We offer secure data archives which consist of older data that is still important and necessary for future reference, as well as data that must be retained for regulatory compliance.  i-Tech […]

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  • Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery

    Business data is too valuable that whole business stands on it. Loosing any data in disaster may force your business to jeopardize. I-tech provides you the perfect solutions for disaster recovery. We have perfect plan for backup, cloud hosting, cloud services. I-tech has created the one disaster recovery plan that every business needs.

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  • eLearning Solutions

    eLearning Solutions

    eLearning solutions provide by i-tech are not only different but unique as well. We have Moodle in eLearning solutions. We have our own way of customization and i-tech added interactive trainings for eLearning solutions. We share knowledge with reason to ensure the quality of services we deliver.

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